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The 3 Keys to Connection 

You'll discover:

  • the 3 keys to connecting with your authentic self
  • simple tools to end feelings of disconnect
  • how your connection creates a pathway to communication with your soul

And most importantly--

  • how to STAY connected when life throws you off-center

Hi! I'm Dawn. 

My mission is to guide you home to your heart so you can make the difference that your soul came here to make.

Together we can let go of limiting beliefs, ancestral wounds and core conditioning that keeps us stuck and playing small--and feeling disconnected from our purpose, passion and personal power.  

My secret sauce is made up of the Akashic Records, Quantum Reiki Energy Healing, and my connection to my heart and Source. My hope is that I can show you how it can be yours too.

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"Living life to its fullest!"

This is a spiritual awareness journey that teaches you how to use tools and information to explore healing, loving, and living life to its fullest!

Val F

What are the Akashic Records? 

Learn all about the Akashic Records, how they can help you on your path and the journey your magnificent soul has been on for lifetimes

Everything starts with your heart. 

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