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Dawn Marian's super power is love. 

A prolific healer and teacher, she leads her students and clients into their hearts to reveal their deepest truths, break through unsupportive beliefs and limiting patterns, and live life feeling connected to Source, abundance and unconditional love.

She specializes in healing past life and childhood traumas that prevent the Soul from moving forward on its path. Her one on one sessions bring messages of truth and love from Source that connect the client to deep inner knowing and Divine guidance.

Her online training programs and live workshops focus on how to align to one’s Soul mission, enhance relationships, step into personal power, and live radiantly from the heart.

I grew up in a cult.


Armageddon was RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER and I had to be ready for it if I was going to survive a gruesome and grisley death.

Mission: FAILED.

At the age 19 I got excommunicated in a total shunning. In one dramatic judgment passed on me, I lost everyone I loved and had ever known.  The pain of loss and betrayal was deep. I freaked out. I went numb. I partied hard. I gained 100 pounds and didn’t even notice- I was THAT checked out.

As a result, I spent my twenties trying to find someone to love me and a place to call home. Ironically, when I was travelling I felt the most connected. I loved the feeling of being suspended between two places, neither here nor there, and being somewhere where no one knew me or my past. The possibilities were endless for rebirth.

My travels led me to my hearts call in India. I started receiving signs and messages that I was a healer. It started with a dream, and then an Ayurvedic palm reader. Unbelievable coincidences and everything I heard and read kept pointing me to one truth: that God is love, that I am love, and I was put on earth to be a healer. 

I couldn’t wrap my brain around any of this-- I felt so broken inside. Me a healer?? You must be joking, have you seen my hot mess? And this God business... no thanks. I had been burned by that one. 

Still, something was lit inside of me. I came back to the U.S. and dove into spirituality. I took psychic development classes. I bought crystals, goddess cards, tried  to meditate and understand the chakras. I studied Reiki and tapping.  

I was scared out of my pants. Voices from my childhood said this was the work of the devil! But my heart kept pulling me forward. 

Despite the disconnect of my past I learned how to get connected: to myself, my intuitive and healing gifts, and Source energy.

For the first 2 years, all I did was work on me. When I found the Akashic Records (or rather, they found me!) I knew I had found my heart's spiritual home.  For the first time I understood the the whys of my life. I healed the trauma of sexual abuse. I let go of the pain of rejection and abandonment. I unraveled cult programming and negative self beliefs. With the support and love of my Akashic Beings of Light I was able to put myself back together piece by piece. I was able to heal myself.

In time I started reading the Records for others. I paired it with a quantum healing modality I was studying at the time and wowza! Things took off. It turns out, I was a healer after all. :)

I got a Doctor of Divinity and focused on healing religious trauma. I opened a healing center. I started training new healers and teaching people how to work with their soul's wisdom using the Akashic Records.

My superpower is Love-- and teaching people how it can be their superpower too. 

One thing I know for sure: the answers you seek are not out there-- they're inside of you and have been all along. 

You are perfectly imperfect.  You are more than enough, you are precious and you are worthy of receiving your hearts desires. Your life has a purpose. You have unique gifts that only you can give. You matter. 

I am so glad you are here. 

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Dawn Marian is a truly gifted and insightful teacher who opens a dynamic energy space in her classes. She empowers students to effortlessly access their own divine connection as well as realize their essential role in the mandala of life.  Dawn is not only a teacher but a healer of the highest caliber.

Rita M

3 minutes with Dawn 

Q: What's the thing that most people are impressed to know about you?

A: I speak Italian fluently. I lived in Florence for a few years after college. Ciao Bella!  I also speak decent Spanish, but I'm shy about it. And, once upon a time, I ran a marathon. It took me over 5 hours to finish and granny speed walkers were faster than me, but I did it without stopping. 

Q: What don't people know about you that is a surprise to hear? 

A: I'm from a farm in the Midwest. We had cows and grew wheat. The closet town was 7 miles away and had 30 people in it.  My best friends were a black lab, my favorite tree and the lake we lived next to. I love humans and my life is in service to others, but I am a total introvert. 

Q: As a healer, what's the biggest thing you've healed? 

A: Ancestral and matriarchal patterns in my family about mothering-- specifically the dislike of mothering and betrayal of children. I've healed so much as a mother. I know without a doubt that these conditional love patterns will not be passed on my to daughter's children. A close second: allll the cult programming.

Q: What did you want to be as a kid? 

A: Lots of things! A teacher, writer, artist and explorer. It amazes me how tuned in we are as kids. So far I've been to 25 countries, started an online school and have a university degree in Art.  My 5-year self totally knew my divine plan! 

Q: Since you work with past lives in the Akashic Records, what do you think your next life might be? 

A: On a hard day I'll think, next time I'm coming back to live on a remote island and eat mangos.  I want to live by the natural rhythms of the earth and the moon away from the masses.  But-- I know it all depends on what my soul has planned for me and what we need next on this planet to evolve consciousness. 

Q: What's a specific childhood memory that has stuck with you?  

A: There's so many, but knocking on doors selling Jehovah Witnesses magazines definitely takes the cake. It was mandatory. I hated it. The worst: having a kid from school open the door and being teased the following day at school.  

Q: What's your astrological sign?

A: Libra, Aquarius moon, Leo rising.

Q: What were the 80's like for you? 

A: I spent the 80's listening to Euro synth pop and heavy metal, reading anything I could get my hands on and dreaming about freedom. I love that all the fashion is back. 

Q: Describe a perfect day. 

A: A leisurely morning to drink coffee, meditate, do yoga and journal, followed by snorkeling and a nap in a hammock. I'd end the day watching the sun set and sip a glass of bubbly.

Q: What do you love? 

A: Rumi, cardamon, crystals, the ocean, Korean food, Kuan Yin, kirtans. A good story, the underdog, grace. The Divine Feminine. Love. 

Q: What's the best thing that ever happened to you?

A: My daughter. 

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For speaking and teaching engagment contact [email protected]