A limited number of one and one sessions are available with Dawn. A session with Dawn combines the Akashic Records with  holographic healing to support you in your journey.

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Dawn Marian is one of the clearest channels I have ever been fortunate enough to know. She has a way of cutting through all the extraneous ego based bits, full of negative emotions and patterns and tapping the truth at the center. Dawn accesses the Akashic Records and allows you to glimpse the big picture of your life, your lives. She is so full of love!

Beth S

A session with Dawn is filled with loving guidance from angels and divine spirits. She can approach all of your stuff without judgment as she searches only to find what is ready to be healed and then brings in light and energy that will transmute the hurts away. A session with Dawn is full of accepting love and healing changes. It is a safe experience where you feel listened to.


Hey Dawn! I just wanted to say Thank you again for my AMAZING reading last Saturday. I just wanted to tell you that I watched the movie Battleship earlier this week that would have normal caused me to have one of my “water anxiety attacks” and although I got a little nervous (possibly because I was expecting the anxiety attack) I did NOT have the anxiety that I used too. I think you “fixed” me! Thanks so much for being SOOO amazing and blessing me with your knowledge.

Lindsay B.

The several different sessions I’ve had with you have truly been life changing for me. Your ability to come from your heart, be non-judging and open up a safe place for me to explore things I’ve wanted to change or open up more is truly a gift. My best and brightest moment was the session with Akashic Records where you helped me “see” and break my pattern of suicide thoughts. It was a burden I never thought I would have been able to drop, and you brought the right words that finally let me lay that down. I appreciate you so much as a teacher and a fellow traveler on this planet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cindi F.