“If light is in your heart,
you will find
your way home.”

The mission of the Radiant Heart School of Transformation is to assist individuals who feel the heart’s call to be of service to the planet through healing themselves and radiating their light to the world around them.

Like the lotus unfurls its many petals to receive the light of the sun, we learn to transform our lives by opening to receive the Divine light and unconditional Love that is available to us, that moves through us, and has always been an inherent part of who we are.

The Radiant Heart School of Transformation teaches a variety of heart awareness skills and consciousness techniques to align the student to their deep inner wisdom, healing Guides and Angels, and the pure energy of unconditional Love that pulses through the universe.

As the consciousness reunites with the inner Light and Divine perfection that resides within each individual, deep and permanent healing can occur. It is the most heartfelt desire of the Radiant Heart School of Transformation to shine a beacon of light on each student’s path home to their beautiful and sacred selves.