Who is Dawn?

Dawn Marian is an empowerment catalyst. A prolific healer and teacher, she leads her students and clients into the Akashic Records to reveal their deepest truths, break through unsupportive beliefs and limiting patterns, and live life feeling connected to Source, abundance, and unconditional love. She specializes in healing past life and childhood traumas that prevent the Soul from moving forward on its path.  Her one on one sessions bring messages of truth and love from Source that connect the client to deep inner knowing and Divine guidance. Her online training programs and live workshops focus on how to align to one’s Soul mission, enhance relationships, step into personal power, and live radiantly from the heart.

“My Beginnings”

Hear Dawn tell the story of how she found her calling and got started.

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Dawn Marian is a truly gifted and insightful teacher who opens a dynamic energy space in classes. She empowers students to effortlessly access their own divine connection as well as realize their essential role in the mandala of life. The scope of her classes help students better understand and master an array of life’s challenges. Dawn is not only a teacher but a healer of the highest caliber.

Rita M.