The Radiant Heart School of Transformation offers free classes and calls to empower, transform, and uplift humans and the planet they live on. Join us in these free video classes and special live tele-classes.

Soul PurposeSoul, Purpose, and Passion

In this video class discover:

  • The big soul purpose myth and how it stops you
  • The soul mission secret to propel you onto your life path
  • How to zero in to your soul’s calling
  • How to stop the fear of being big and shining from sabotaging you
  • 7 simple steps to start living a life filled with purpose and passion right now

In addition, you will receive a healing meditation to call forth your soul’s purpose and release blocks to aligning with it.

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You, A Love Story

In this 3-part video series discover:

  • What the self- help books aren’t telling you and why you stay stuck
  • The 3 blocks to self-love and how to bust through
  • The 2 emotions that keep you away from self-love and how to let go
  • How your story affects your ability to self-love and how to write a new story
  • How to flip the switch from self-rejection to self- love
  • 5 tools to create a daily practice to evoke and anchor self-love
  • How to turbo charge everything you do and create with the power of self-love

You will also receive a healing meditation to release what no longer serves you and activate your own love energy.

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Grounded and Connected

Join Dawn as she teaches:

  • 8 signs you are not grounded in your physical body
  • Why the body chooses safety first and how to rewire your body’s blueprint
  • Why being grounded is important to your spiritual journey and development
  • How to merge your spirit with your body
  • 5 simple tools to connect and ground anywhere
  • Daily visualization techniques o become present, connected, and grounded

You will also receive an energetic transmission in the form of a meditation to open up the grounding receptors in your body.

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Earth Healing 101

In this video class learn:

  • The spiritual nature of humans and their sacred relationship with Earth
  • How to turn overwhelm about the Earth’s condition into empowerment
  • 3 energy healing techniques anyone can master to use to work with the Earth
  • Simple tools to use the heart and awakened consciousness to elevate the vibration of the planet

Plus you will receive a guided meditation Oneness with Earth Consciousness.

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