A: Yes. We’d love to have you join us! We honor all paths that got you to this point and we believe we have something very special and unique to share. You can become a member of our student membership sites and receive all the same benefits- the tele-class libraries, mediations and healing transmissions, community, student forum, and live monthly tele-classes with Dawn.

To join us now visit www.TheRadiantHeartReikiSchool.com and www.AkashicRecordsInsight.com

A: The best way to talk about something new to someone who has no reference for it to show your enthusiasm. You can say something like “I’m exploring some really cool stuff about energy and the soul and it’s so neat what I am learning about myself!” If they ask more then you can share what you have learned. No new age airy fairy required.

A: Generally speaking, a class is information presented in the space of 1-2 hours. Workshops offer an opportunity for in-depth study and last anywhere from 6-10 hours. A course is comprised of multiple classes and usually lasts for several weeks, allowing the student to build week by week on the information that is presented.

A: The Radiant Heart School of Transformation is dedicated to personal growth and spiritual development. It is not accredited by any educational or secular organizations. The information we offer is strictly for self-awareness and we trust that each individual has the capability and responsibility to discern if the information provided is useful in practical application for his or her life. We believe that each human is on a journey of self-realization and endeavor to share divinely guided information that is based on universal truths of oneness and love.

A: Absolutely.  Most people find that the best way to re-create excitement and momentum for starting their Reiki practice again is to retake the class. Reiki attunements are for life though, so it’s not mandatory.  If taking a class isn’t an option for you, get out your manuals and start practicing again. With your intention to reconnect Reiki energy will begin to flow and with practice become stronger. It’s a little like clearing out a dusty old pipe. Another suggestion is schedule a Reiki session for yourself. Use your intuition as to what will work best for you!

A: Yes. In this case we ask that you submit to the office documentation that you have taken the Level One and Two training. A certificate of completion and contact information for the Reiki Master and Teacher you studied with is sufficient. You must submit this information prior to scheduling the Radiant Heart Coaching and Attunement call.

A: Generally speaking, you can start offering Reiki sessions once you have completed Level Two training. What you charge for your service depends on your market, your skill level, and your confidence. If you are already working with clients in a healing type career, such as massage therapy or acupuncture, then it is easy to incorporate Reiki into your offerings. If you are making a career switch then guess what? You have an awesome opportunity to create your business exactly as you like.

A: There is a 21 day period after your first Reiki attunements in which you practice Reiki every day to anchor Reiki into your energetic field.  After that, it’s up to your guidance and intuition.  Energy is moving much faster than ever before right now and what used to take long periods of time can be accessed very quickly. We do not subscribe to any rules about how long between classes because frankly, that is a very old regimented system and we trust in each individual’s inner wisdom.

Dawn’s job is to teach Reiki succinctly and to mentor students. Reiki is a self-intelligent energy and will meet you exactly where you are, and the titles of Practitioner and Master are just language we use to describe the class and the symbols within the level. Mastery is a journey, not a destination. Also, the world is going through massive transformation right now and each person has a part to play in the awakening. Trust your heart; it will lead you to the truth for you.