This weekend I participated at an Intuitive Fair. As always, I had a blast, connected with many lovely human beings, and had the honor of reading the Akashic Records for many people. About 80% of the people I opened the Akashic Records for were seeking information on their soul purpose and path. One very beautiful and serene woman in particular was no different. She wanted to know about her path, was she on it,  and was she doing it right? The information from her Akashic Record was that her soul path for this life was to live a life of quiet jubilation instead of quiet desperation.

Quiet desperation, as we know, sucks the energy right out of you, bit by bit, until you feel like there is little left and you are stuck. But this quiet jubilation- now that is something to think about!

The Akashic Records described what quiet jubilation looked like. It simply involved a refocusing of attention and consciousness. It can be done very easily. For this beautiful soul it meant getting out of bed with a happy stretch and toddling out to the kitchen to make coffee, pulling a favorite mug out of the cupboard and loving the way  the handle fits in her hand, and smelling the coffee brew with joy and anticipation.  The beginning of the morning could be spent in gratitude and just enjoying every minute of  drinking that cup of coffee as she thought about the wonderful things that she would do that day. Maybe garden, maybe take the dogs for a long walk. This was her life’s purpose! To have a simple and joyful experience.

There was a part of her that really understood this message from her Akashic Masters and Teachers it because it felt right to her and her inner guidance and intuition was already communicating the same thing to her. But part of her felt like That’s it? And spirit showed her how absolutely powerful that living from the place of quiet jubilation could be. It rippled out from her and affected her pets, her family, the land she lived one, and connected with the energy of other humans who were doing the same thing and created a beautiful web of energy around the planet.


I loved the time I spent with this dear soul, for her quiet sweetness, her goodness and her desire to be in alignment. I love what she taught me that day about allowing the heart to be what it is already, and just noticing how it rejoices when it is aligned with what brings it joy. There are so many simple pleasures of life that we blow through in our efforts to get more done, work faster and harder, and race into some unknown place- all leading to the no man’s land of quiet desperation. Feeding the heart those moments of simple connection, of quiet jubilation can dramatically alter our experience of life.  And as the Akashic Records show us repeatedly, a life lived with love is a life that is lived in total alignment with Spirit and the Universe.